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Personal Injury / 2.02.2024

Can an Auto Shop Be Liable for an Accident?

Author: Westlake Injury Law

Under What Circumstances Can You Sue an Auto Shop After a Crash

When a car accident happens, the focus is typically on the drivers involved. However, what if the auto shop that serviced or repaired the vehicle contributed to the crash? If so, can the auto repair shop be held liable for the accident? In this article, we will explore the circumstances under which an auto shop might be held responsible and the legal process of securing compensation.

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Auto Accidents and Liability

Liability in car accidents generally lies with one of the drivers involved. However, there are times when third parties, such as vehicle repair shops, can be held responsible. To determine whether the auto shop that serviced or repaired your vehicle or another vehicle involved in the crash, it is crucial to examine the specific details surrounding the accident.

When an Auto Shop Can Be Liable for a Crash

Negligent Repairs

An auto shop could be held responsible if they performed negligent service or repairs on the vehicle in question. In car accidents and other personal injury cases, negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care. If an auto shop fails to adequately maintain or repair a vehicle, causing the mechanical failure that contributed to the accident, the shop may be held liable.

For example, if the brakes were improperly repaired, and this failure led to a collision, the auto shop could be considered liable for the injuries and damages sustained in the accident.

Improper Installation of Parts

In some cases, auto repair shops may be liable for damages if they improperly install parts or equipment or install the wrong part altogether. Whether it is a poorly secured tire or poorly installed transmission, improper installation can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Failure to Warn

Vehicle repair shops also have a duty to inform vehicle owners of any potential safety hazards related to their vehicles. If the shop fails to warn the customer about a known issue that later causes a crash, they might be held liable for failing to fulfill their duty of care.

Proving Auto Repair Shop Liability

Liability is at the center of all auto accident cases. To bring a successful claim, the victim must prove all four of the following elements of negligence.

Duty of Care

It must be established that the auto shop owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. This duty typically involves performing repairs and maintenance in a competent and thorough manner to ensure the vehicle is safe to operate.

Breach of Duty

There must be evidence that shows that the auto repair shop breached its duty of care. This could include failing to perform repairs properly, failing to warn the vehicle owner of potential safety risks, or improperly installing parts.


It must also be shown that the shop’s actions or inactions directly led to the crash. It must be clear that their negligence was a substantial factor in causing the accident.


Lastly, to hold the vehicle repair shop liable, the plaintiff must have incurred actual damages resulting from the accident. This includes losses, such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

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While auto shops are not often liable for accidents, there are circumstances where their negligence can contribute to or even cause a collision. Vehicle owners must be careful in choosing reputable repair shops, and shops must act responsibly to ensure the safety of the vehicles they service. Ultimately, determining liability in these cases requires a thorough investigation into what caused the accident to determine whether the repair shop played a part.
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