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Auto Accident / 3.10.2022

Can I Get Injured in a Fender Bender?

Author: Westlake Injury Law

The Deceiving, Long-Term Health Consequences of a Low-Speed Collision

While fender benders certainly have lower fatality rates, they are still dangerous. Many result in serious injuries that can leave someone unable to work or dealing with debilitating pain. It is important to seek treatment immediately after any car accident. Failing to get medical care can delay your recovery and may affect your right to compensation.

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Minor Accidents, Major Injuries

Most people assume that a fender bender or low-speed collision cannot do a lot of damage. They see a dent in the bumper or a scratch along the side of the car and figure the accident was injury-free. However, fender benders are deceiving. They can result in serious injury despite limited damage to the vehicle or occurring at a low speed.

Damage to the vehicle is not indicative of the severity of the injuries. Many fender benders are rear-end collisions, where one car plows into another vehicle from behind. The sudden, forceful impact of the rear vehicle can propel a person in the front vehicle back and forth. This back and forth motion can cause the neck and head to over-extend, creating severe pain.

Initial Soreness Can Become Lifelong Pain

People involved in fender benders often write off neck, head, and back pain as minor. They may face initial soreness, stiffness, or headaches and dismiss them as minor injuries. Unfortunately, by not treating these problems, the injury can become worse, resulting in chronic pain. 

The unnatural back and forth motion of a rear-end collision is often violent, even at a low speed. It can cause whiplash, a serious condition that can last a lifetime. Underlying conditions or injuries can also be exacerbated by fender benders. Despite what many people believe, California allows individuals to recover damages for pre-existing conditions made worse by an accident.

Signs You Need to See a Doctor After a Fender Bender

In any accident, the body absorbs a lot of the impact. The jolt of a 4,000 lbs car can do extensive harm to a person who is unable to brace themselves before the crash. It is vital to have your injuries checked out by a medical professional immediately after the car accident and continue treatment until released.

Signs that your injuries may be severe:

  • Pain that worsens over time or with movement
  • Limits range of motion
  • Headaches
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Muscle tenderness of weakness
  • Extreme fatigue or dizziness
  • Prolonged pain or stiffness
  • Problems with your vision

One of the most common mistakes injured parties make is dismissing their symptoms as mild. “Minor” aches and pains are often indications of more severe problems. Obtaining a diagnosis and starting a treatment plan can help ensure that you make a full recovery.

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